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Kalevi [userpic]
A cup of tea would be delightful.
by Kalevi (coranglaisman)
at July 23rd, 2008 (01:24 am)

Name: Tyler, Ryu-chan, whatever you want to call me
Age: 17.5
Gender: Male
Height: ~5'6"
Zodiac Sign: Horse by the Chinese system. I forget which one I am otherwise.

Likes: Playing music (bassoon, oboe/English horn, flute/piccolo mainly), music in general, foreign languages, excessive cold
Dislikes: Heat, large cities, David Archuleta
Hobbies/Talents: Playing music, writing, composing/arranging music, studying foreign languages, acting
Strengths: I'm kind, loyal, honest, friendly, and I'm not prideful.
Weaknesses: I can be self-absorbed at times, especially if I feel like I'm being ignored, and people who know me can read me like a book, especially if I'm upset, angry, or infatuated and trying to hide that.
Habits: Staying up late doing nothing productive, procrastinating on unpleasant tasks, ending my sentences with "(blah blah blah), so..." and then trailing off like so.
Other notable traits: I like to play things by ear; I hardly ever plan out a whole day in advance unless I have a lot of things I have to do.

Favorite type of music: Baroque, for sure. Bach is my all-time favorite composer.
Favorite quote: "Give a man a fire, and he'll be warm for the night. Set a man on fire, and he'll be warm for the rest of his life." Unfortunately, I don't remember where I got that.
Favorite food: Hm...tough. I'm fond of Hawaiian pizza, though my ultimate pizza would have pepperoni, Canadian bacon, Italian sausage, pineapple, mushrooms, and a dash of soy sauce. xD
Favorite color: Forest green.
Favorite animal: I'm pretty fond of cats, though I like goldfish and frogs too.

Optimist or pessimist?: I'm pretty optimistic, usually. I still try to temper my thoughts with reality, though.
Leader or follower?: I can be both. Often, I like to follow before I try to lead.
Fighter or lover?: Lover. I don't like arguing or getting involved in conflict, but I will if I have to.
Good or evil?: Good, by far. I have my evil moments, though...xD
Impulsive or rational?: I'm pretty rational when it comes to actions with major consequences, like whether or not to just slap someone. But if it's something like "should I eat that cookie that's sitting there," then I'm totally impulsive.
Loud or quiet?: Quiet when I'm being polite or when I don't know people or when I feel uncomfortable, but pretty loud when I'm with people I know well.
Reality or fiction?: Of course I like fiction, but I stay in touch with reality because I think escapism isn't very good for a person.

Goal in life: Pass on my knowledge to my future students, and produce a group of students who can, in turn, pass their knowledge forward.

Who's your favorite Rozen Maiden character and why?: Suigintou because I love anti-heroes way too much, and Kanaria because she's really kind of awesome and I think she's underrated.
Who's your least favorite Rozen Maiden character and why?: BARASUISHOU. She and Enju waltzed in and disrupted the worlds of all the Rozen Maiden dolls, not to mention Jun and such. And she shouldn't even belong in the storyline, for that matter. I would have loved to see Kirakishou in the anime actually doing things. (For reference, I've only ready vol. 1 of the manga.)
If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be?: Passionate.


Posted by: come on you chicken mother (broadcasts)
Posted at: August 14th, 2008 10:40 am (UTC)
dangerous desu {suiseiseki}

I couldn't decide between two Maidens...in my mind, you're a mix of Suiseiseki and Kanaria.

Posted by: ~*Seme-sama*~ (sephiraprincess)
Posted at: March 8th, 2009 07:58 pm (UTC)

I see you more as Suiseiseki

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